At APEQ Cables, we offer a complete range of Low voltage cables in to suit all aspects of Construction and associated industries.  Our service and technical support in helping all customers offers a total solutions package.


All Cables are manufactured to the highest standards using engineered cabling technology and undergo testing and Quality control measures prior to shipping.

  • Copper and Aluminium Conductors
  • PVC,XLPE Insulation
  • Steel Wire Amour
  • Termite protection- Chemical, Nylon, DBT
  • Halogen-free Sheath
  • EPR Rubber
  • Flexible PVC,XLPE  Class 5&6 Flexible conductors
  • Control Cables
  • Instrumentation cables
  • Variable speed drives cable
  • Fire Resistance Cables.  Single core & Mulitcore  WS52W Classification