Power Distribution

APEQ Cables off a large range of Medium, high and extra-high voltage XLPE cables for underground distribution and Transmission.


Bare Aluminum Overhead conductors,  Low Voltage Sector and Mains cables, Aerial Bundle Cable, OPGW APEQ Cables utilizes state of the art manufacturing facilities to incorporate newest technologies to produce very high quality cables to ASNZ and international standards, that suit almost every application.


MV to EHV XLPE cables for Distribution and Transmission

  • Single and Mulitcore Copper and Aluminium conductors
  • 3.3kV to 500kV
  • Tripple extrusion
  • Termite protection
  • SWA
  • Water Blocking
  • Copper wire, Tape, Screen
  • Integrated DTS Fibre
  • EPR Rubber


Bare Aluminum Overheads conductors.  An extensive range of Aerial conductors that provide best mechanical performance and current carrying capacity, excellent corrosion resistance and ability to operate continuously at high temperatures.

  • AAG
  • AAAC
  • ACSR
  • ACSS


Low Voltage Sector and Mains Cable  for Underground Residential Distribution

  • Aluminum conductors
  • 4 Core sector and Service cables.


OPGW - Optical Ground Wire Cable:  Offers ground wire capabilities as well as providing a medium for transmission of Voice, Video or data signals.